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I call this website mental health fragments because today’s mental health care is not really  a  “system“?  My main purpose is to collect and share fragments of history that show the development of the present situation and some alternatives that have been tried. Mental health morsels are bits of information related to mental health and  mental illness. 

Mental Health Fragments,  this website, is a collection of articles of various lengths that tell the stories of people who live with mental illness and the factors that empowered them or the conditions that were barriers to their full participation as citizens in the community.

As I read and research the history of mental health, I find tidbits of information that I want to keep and share.

I also write articles about mental health topics and will publish the item and/or the link on this website.

I love writing and am just beginning to publish books.   Pivot Points: a fragmented history of Mental Health in Saskatchewan published by Canadian Mental Health Association (Saskatchewan Division) Inc. in 2012 covers the history from 1912 to 2012.  I also have a chapter in Much Madness, Divinest Sense, (2017) created by a collective of women telling their stories as caregivers, family members, and people who live with mental illness, available from me or from bookstores.

I am currently finishing another history about the Canadian Mental Health Association National work that I was involved in during the 1980s and 1990s.  Framework for Support:  A Retrospective 1984 – 2004 will be published (probably as an e-book) to celebrate the 100th anniversary of CMHA in 2018.

Although my focus is history, the website is based on my experience and research in mental health.  See Jayne-Personal

My personal life includes a lifetime of experiencing and witness of various fragments of care. My story and reflections will be recorded in the category About Jayne


All opinions expressed are MY viewpoints, reflections, and praise or protest.  Although I have been active in the Canadian Mental Health Association and other psychiatric survivor movements, this website is personal and does not speak for any other organizations.

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