Mad Society of Canada

The Mad Society of CanadaMad Society of Canada logo a Community of Practice bringing together people who want to share the voices and actions of people with lived experience of mental distress.  We choose to call ourselves psychiatric survivors (although other people choose to say consumer, client, patient, ex-patient) and citizens.

The mental health system focuses on medical and pharmacological (doctors and drugs) but we advocate choice about the way we want to be treated when we appear different, or when we are in crisis.  People have to find what works for them, whether it is solitude, meditation, alternative therapies, safe communities, medications or a combination of comforting, healing, and liberating methods and models.  We oppose forced psychiatric treatment.

I have been part of this group since 2015 and am especially excited because it is a community that includes psychiatric survivors, agency workers, and academics learning, teaching and growing together.