Consumer Updates April 1990

Hope Springs

Liaison, Divisional Updates of activities in the past six months, was a CMHA National publication that edited from reports from Divisions.  These notes capture the information in the Consumer Participation category in the April 1990 Liaison:

Newfoundland:  Group established in St. John’s in October 1989, now meeting weekly with membership of 20-30.  Funding obtained from Secretary of State and PLURA to launch Provincial Network at Provincial Mental Health Conference in May.  Consumer staff person being hired to organize this event.

Yukon:   A representative group of Native Indians are represented on present board.  Proposals recently prepared for Native Mental Health Services.

New Brunswick:  Annual meeting to be held in Alma, Albert County on June 1,2 and 3…. Strategically planned around Mental Health Commission receiving feedback from consumers, family and friends and CMHA volunteers on regional priorities that should be addressed.   Development of new self-help groups for consumers and family members – training programs for animators.  In the category of Consumer Participation there were three points:  A meeting will be held between consumers and the Commission on June 1, 1990 to discuss funding, empowerment.    Support group to create N.B. Consumer Association.  Summit ’90 meetings of consumers in Chatham, N.B. (2nd annual event) to promote sharing of information and ideas.

Saskatchewan:  [no Consumer Participation entry]

Manitoba:   Consumer Empowerment:  All consumer conference – May 25-26, 1990 with keynote speaker Dr. Don MacRae, President, Canadian Psychiatric Association.  May 26-Dance – A Celebration of Mental Health, A Multi-Cultural Event.  Empowering the Framework conference on June 1, 1990 with guest speaker Dr. Paul Carling in the morning and speakers from Denver on Consumer Case Management in the afternoon.  Consumer Awareness Week from May 25 to June 1, 1990.  Support including office support to S.U.N. (Support for Unmet Needs) in application to government and agreement that CMHA will act as a conduit for funding.  CMHA executive met with delegation from S.O.S.

Ontario:  Under Policy, the “Graham” implementation is the major “community reinvestment” initiative in this province … two major themes are integration of services, and family and consumer participation.    Under Consumer Participation, the development of a proposal for a Consumer Networking and Leadership Training.

Quebec:  [no consumer participation entry]

Prince Edward Island:   The heading Family Supports/ Self Help reports approximately ten groups accessing support services of CMHA, and have formed a management group with board representation.  [no indication of how many groups are family, how many consumer.]

Nova Scotia:  The Self-Help Connection (SHN) is nearing the end of its three year funding from the Health Promotion Directorate, however, every indication is that the program will be extended an additional two years.  The SHC has been very successful in initiating a self-help “movement” across Nova Scotia, especially involving groups for persons with mental health problems.  The next phase of the project will concentrate efforts on working with consumers to develop an effective advocacy/ support network.  Under heading Human Rights Project, funds have been secured from the Secretary of State to undertake a consumer consultation process regarding health and the law.  Division will host a workshop in June to focus on issue identification.  A review of various provincial statues is also being considered.  This project will begin a consumer rights awareness process which will hopefully continue through the consumer advocacy network.   Annual General Meeting:  The Nova Scotia Division will hold its Annual General Meeting on April 27th and 28th.  The program is designed to present the consumer perspective on a “healthy community.”  Issues pertaining to the social barriers to living independently will be presented by consumer representatives.