CMHA Domestic Training 1963

A letter from Mrs. E. A. Cullen, Superintendent of Nursing and F. Grunberg, Superintendent of the Saskatchewan Hospital, Weyburn appealed to CMHA for funding for a program of domestic training for employment in the average home.  The program would use private homes and housewives had agreed to provide the teaching, at a cost of $5 per session and $5 for use of the home, equipment and supplies.  The Weyburn project would be a research project in rehabilitation,

A letter from CMHA Executive Director I. J. Kahan to Mr. G. R. Hennessey, the Provincial Coordinator of Rehabilitation dated August 23, 1963 outline a “domestic training program” in Regina and asked if “remuneration could be paid to CMHA for this service.”  The plan was to train female patients leaving mental hospitals to serve as “domestics”, in other words, housekeepers.  Four women at a time would spend two hours a day, five days a week for three months in a home where a housewife is able to give instruction followed by a two week placement to allow assessment and preparation for the employee.  The course would include all domestic tasks such as cleaning, washing and ironing, meal preparation, making beds and other household duties.  At $2 to $3 per session, training costs would be $120 to $180 per person per course.

Editorial note:  The  “domestics-in-training” were not paid but the housewives received instruction fees and also benefitted from someone to help with their housework.

Sask Archives Board File 1265-V-C-131 White Cross in Regina 1963